Carlos Latuff Political Cartoons

Carlos Latuff is a controversial Brazilian political cartoonist with an impressively large portfolio of work. His works deal with an array of themes, including US Imperialism, anti-globalization, anti-capitalism, and anti-U.S. military intervention. He is best known for his images depicting the Israeli–Palestinian conflict and the Arab Spring events. Latuff’s unwavering support for Palestine has led to criticism and allegations of uninhibited utilization of “judeophobic stereotypes.”

“I got threats from cops, Zionists, Islamists, neo-Nazis – the list is long,” he says of his many detractors who have tried to intimidate him on different occasions.

“I’m not producing artworks to illustrate news articles,” he says. “My cartoons are directly geared towards activists who can share them and use them for free. They have a message, they support a cause, and they’re designed to be spread widely.”

Latuff does not shy away from controversy and we think his voice deserves to be heard.

You can find him on Twitter (@LatuffCartoons) and Instagram (@carloslatuff).

carlos-latuff 457 wikileaks funny political art
mcwar is business carlos latuff cartoon
north korea nuclear threat political artoon
carlos latuff anti trump cartoon funny
israeli apartheid by latuff peace for palestine
greedy dollar funny political cartoon
agrotoxicos carlos latuff cartoon
911 attacks 10 years carlos latuff art
carlos latuff peace dove political art
climate change funny political cartoon by carlos latuff
waterboarding tortures carlos latuff political art
eu-us-vultures-in libya latuff 2011 political cartoon


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