Okay, sometimes it’s okay not to take love, life, and liberty so seriously, so let your hair down, kick back, relax in some ringspun heaven from Allriot and have a nice belly laugh with a sarcastic, sardonic screen print. We love a good cheeky tee to lift the people’s spirits, and we love to keep the catalogues coming, so you’ll never know what to expect from our creative miscreants. We’ve put together a list of some of our favourite f*ckery and give not an iota for the consequences. So lighten up… revolution really does have a sense of humour.

Check out our funny political t-shirts.

political humor funny activist t-shirts

Dare to Dream

Phew… that was a close one! Who would’ve thought that one piece of paper, one press of a button, could

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The joke’s on us

Geez guys, We’re having an identity crisis. After spending the last 5 years painstakingly designing the bestest and wittiest political

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America is now the fourth country to be significantly impacted by its own patented version of the Ebola virus, along

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Allriot is a conscious streetwear brand hailing from the United Kingdom which creates progressive and funny activist t-shirts ranging from social and political issues, philosophy and famous historical personalities. Featured product lineups address such topics as global warming, LGBT and human rights, as well as a host of left-leaning political figureheads. The ethical clothing company also touts a sustainable, no-waste credo by assembling dead stocks into mystery packs or using overstock to help fundraise for various causes, or even donating unused stocks to the homeless.

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