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parched earth humans ruining the planet

Imagine one day that you woke up covered in fleas and ticks, a creeping rash, an intestinal tract full of tapeworms, and your hair began falling out in tufts. After a check-up with the local practice, you learn that you have been diagnosed with a severe illness known as Stage-3 Homo Sapiens. From Gaia’s point of view, that is precisely what has happened.

human impact on the environment

Our world’s exploitative oligarchs have made our environment a brothel to buy, sell, and frack whenever they please. Under the ruinous practices of total war, slash-and-burn farming, dumping, petrol-powered vehicles, and the occasional sunken oil tanker, one constant remains: it’s unsustainable and only benefits a tiny cabal of assholes on Capitol Hill, many whom can’t sleep at night without clubbing a baby seal to death before bedtime.



Confused by ethical jargon?

Are you confused by ethical and eco-friendly jargon? You’re not the only one. We’ve created a glossary of ethical and eco-friendly certifications to help you avoid green-washing.

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