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Down with Slacktivism!


]2018 was certainly a year of surprises… hectic stuff like China-US trade wars. The rise of far-right populist parties in Europe. Trump’s toddler tantrums and BoJo effigies. Brexit. Russia. Brexit. Russia. The Wall. And more bloody Brexit. Endless, copious golden fields of Brexit-y nastiness.

Amid such a rising trend in reactionary political infighting, we realised that the line between political activism and shovelling sh*t is very thin indeed. To counter the growing trend in “slacktivism”, we’ve created a list of 10 pledges to help cultivate a more productive, focussed mindset at the start of the year.

(Oh and by the way, we’re crowdsourcing number 10. Send us your suggestions for a chance to win a free t-shirt!)

* 1 *

Thou shalt not read the headline, but the entire article before clicking ‘Like’ or sharing to social media.

* 2 *

Thou shalt let the rule of Common Sense preside over all judgements, backed by rational and informed discourse.

* 3 *

Thou shalt not trust any media source using headlines with SENSATIONALIZED CAPITAL WORDS.

* 4 *

Thou shalt keep thy butthurt in check when reacting to Donald Trump’s tweets.

* 5 *

Thou shalt use the armchair as a place of rest, and not an apparatus for social activism.

* 6 *

Thou shalt hold politicians accountable based on their voting record, not looks, fashion choices, or personality.

* 7 *

Thou shalt not take the word of mainstream media as the Gospel of Truth and all sources will be subject to rigorous scrutiny.

* 8 *

​Thou shalt form your own opinions, and not mindlessly ascribe to left wing – right wing politics, for they are the arms of the same political vulture.

* 9 *

Thou shalt not create convenient scapegoats or make sweeping generalisations against whole countries without visiting them first.

* 10 *

Thou shalt come up with your own pledge and send it to us for a chance to win a t-shirt.

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