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The elite are a fascinating species to observe and monitor. When they are not engaged in buggery and fire-buggery in California’s Bohemian Grove, they have a rather scientific and rational approach to what drives them. It is simple to fathom, as Nietzsche and Orwell noted, that the “love of power” is the soul of the Inner Party.

Once bound to this insatiable “demon”, the elite are forever engaged in what scientists call the “Red Queen Hypothesis”. Simply put, to maintain empire and social relevance, social engineers need to evolve faster than their competition. Using the full capability of their reptilian brains, they must work tirelessly to perfect the science of class warfare.

We have seen this progress in different models, from tribalism to nationalism, to Nazi-Socialism and Stalinism, to perpetual, or fourth-generational warfare. In 1984, Emmanuel Goldstein’s Theory and Practices of Oligarchic Collectivism clearly outlines the rise of the superstate and its pilots. In the modern age of the nation-state, the non–state actor becomes the instrument of the ruling class and creates the “entangling alliances” Thomas Jefferson warned about. These are our corporations, our banking systems, think tanks, transnational partnerships, research centers, and educational institutions that undermine national sovereignty.

These engines of totalitarianism educate our youth to perpetuate their values. They innovate technologies through the military while whole cities collapse under Keynesian austerity and crumbling infrastructure. They send our children to war while the spoils are consolidated under Halliburton, Exxon-Mobile, and Goldman Sachs. Banks take in global capital and print worthless paper for its serfs in return. It is a science, and it is slowly becoming less occult even to the mainstream media.

We learn the hardships and bear the burden of societies ills in this engineered blame-game. The indoctrination never ends: we are the polluters, we overpopulate the earth, we are sinners, full of self-interest, and we are bottom feeders. Nothing could be further from the truth. You are the most dangerous weapon to the aristocracy because you manifest every device at their disposal with your genius. When we are aware of this, our vantage point changes. We are not the ones doing all that running just to stay in place, and we could solve the world’s ills if we took the risk. We must keep this in our hearts—that sometimes the bottom feeders live at the top, in the superstrate of global power.


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