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Jesus Was An Alien. Obviously.

was jesus an alien

In a galaxy not so far away, on the planet Xerthius, a race of mischievous aliens known as the Giggletrons had a reputation for their outlandish pranks. They had heard tales of Earth and its inhabitants’ fascination with religion, so they decided to pull the ultimate prank of cosmic proportions.

The Giggletrons chose their best prankster to play the role of Jesus. Equipped with a flowing robe, a long wig, and a fun-loving attitude, Alien Jesus crash-landed in Bethlehem, ready to unleash his extraterrestrial ‘miracles’ upon the unsuspecting humans.

did jesus come from outer space

As Alien Jesus strolled through the city, he couldn’t resist showing off his advanced alien powers. He walked on water, made people’s sandals untie themselves, and caused chickens to break into spontaneous dance routines. The humans were both amazed and bewildered, trying to make sense of this peculiar “miracle worker”.

Word of Jesus’s shenanigans spread like wildfire, attracting a motley crew of followers who were easily swayed by his charismatic antics. They hailed him as the “Son of the Stars” and joined him on his humorous escapades across the land.

One day, as Jesus and his followers arrived at a wedding, the wine supply ran out. With a wink and a nod, Jesus waved his hand, and the barrels magically refilled with an endless flow of the finest intergalactic bubbly. The guests cheered and raised their glasses, blissfully unaware that they were part of the greatest prank in the universe.

Alien Jesus T-shirt

However, not everyone was amused. A group of skeptical religious leaders, known as the “Doubting Thomases,” were determined to expose Jesus for the alien prankster he truly was. Led by the quick-witted Rabbi Isaac, they devised a plan to catch Jesus in the act.

Rabbi Isaac challenged Jesus to a comedic duel of wit and wisdom, hoping to expose the alien’s true nature. But little did Rabbi Isaac know that Jesus was a master of intergalactic stand-up. Their banter became legendary, with punchlines and puns flying back and forth like cosmic fireworks.

As the battle of wits reached its climax, Jesus started getting bored, so he revealed his true alien form, complete with green tentacles and a pair of oversized red feet. The crowd gasped and then burst into laughter, realising they had been caught up in the greatest interstellar joke of all time.

Jesus, now fully revealed, joined the Doubting Thomases and Rabbi Isaac in a cosmic comedy tour, traveling across galaxies and spreading laughter wherever they went. Their performances were a mix of slapstick humour, intergalactic puns, and mind-bending tricks that left audiences in stitches.

And so, the story of Jesus, the alien prankster, became a cosmic comedy legend. The Giggletrons revelled in their interplanetary prank, and Earth embraced the joy and absurdity that came from not taking life too seriously. 

People learned that sometimes the greatest miracles were the ones that made them laugh, reminding them that laughter truly was the universal language.

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