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Justice for Breonna Taylor

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Yet another black person is murdered in the Land of the Free, where even the police can give service with a smile – five shots into an innocent victim of the Bravado Blue Suits. 

Breonna Taylor, an emergency room technician and aspiring nurse dreaming of saving lives was not given medical attention for 20 minutes as she lay dying in the comfort of her own home at the hands of those pretending to serve and protect the people. 

Police breaking into their house on a faulty no-knock search warrant found no drugs, no evidence and no reason to feel a shred of guilt in their barbaric actions. The new Gestapo of America’s police state is ramping up its own brand of ethnic cleansing, point blank. 

Yet, the police complicit in this act of Willie Lynch-style brutality have walked free due to the shameful practice of qualified immunity, which protects officers from civil lawsuits save for officers violating “clearly established statutory or constitutional rights of which a reasonable person would have known”.

Well, it’s clear then that the Constitution is a toothless piece of paper for some and a bulletproof vest for other, more privileged members of American society. We want to make it clear that no police officer should receive this perverted version of amnesty on our watch.

It’s time to join those fighting to end this practice. No one is above the law and no one can receive the God-like protection these officers earn at the hands of corrupt Supreme Court judges, who brushed aside over 10 cases on qualified immunity in the summer this year.

According to a shocking report from Reuters, who reviewed 252 cases from 2015 to 2019 involving grievances towards qualified immunity for police officers, half of the court cases upheld the vile practice in favour of the offending police officers, noting that since 2005, courts had given an “increasing tendency to grant immunity in excessive force cases”. 

We say ‘enough is enough’, but the courts keep giving us more of the same. We say ‘no justice, no peace’ to the increasing fire and fury of Molotov cocktails and angry protests.

There has been no justice or peace for Breonna Taylor, Eric Garner, George Floyd, Tamir Rice and the hundreds of unwilling victims murdered this year at the hands of police, turning the US into an international object of derision and condemnation.

The police murder the weak and law-abiding with the graces of the strong man Trump government, while the coronavirus pandemic claims over 200,000 American lives, dwarfing the destruction of those who lost their own in the Twin Towers by over fivefold.

And as the rest of the world criticises the lawlessness of America’s law enforcement, the Trump administration doubles down in the name of law and order, just ahead of its elections.

Join those like Colorado, who signed the Enhance Law Enforcement Integrity Act into law, before the US sleepwalks into the errors of the 1930s. Join organisations like the Black Lives Matter Movement and other protests. Root out the spectre of qualified immunity haunting our cherished democracies. Do everything in your power to fight the power. Police the police.

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