Appreciate the gift of thought. The powerful connections between our brain cells gives us the freedom to think, to choose, and to create; it is the same with our society. Our entire continuum of civilization has been built on the foundation of free will, which continues to evolve as the ages pass by.

Every thought that you carry is a bullet and revolution is the firing pin that sets it off. The reality that we live in is one waiting to be demolished. It’s old. Outdated. It’s been deemed unsafe for occupation. It smells and is full of shoddy workmanship. It costs us more than we can afford. It feels like a prison. It IS a prison. We want to move house to a better world, but first, we must shake off the past.

Our latest collection is a call to set the charges, and clear the way for a better society. Taking the best bits from the past to shape the future sums up Allriot in 2019. Looking forward, streetwear design will function as an extension of one’s hand or page from one’s diary, rather than redesigning individuals based on empty slogans.

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allriot socrates t-shirt
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allriot freedom t-shirt
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ALLRIOT is a political fashion brand based in London, UK. We’ve been serving the global activist community since 2012.