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Throughout history, artists have used creative expression to shape culture and politics, combining innovation with art’s greatest strength — its ability to transcend boundaries to make an impact, with or without the use of words.


MANIFEST:JUSTICE is a large scale, pop-up art exhibition, event series, community convening and public awareness campaign designed to bring together and engage a new generation of artists in the struggle for human rights and social justice. ALLRIOT is honoured to be part of the movement. MANIFEST:JUSTICE aims to educate and elevate the artist community to fight for justice to engage them in helping inform the public about the range of challenges facing our communities – from the ‘pipeline to prison’ to the lack of access to clean drinking water, from communities without access to affordable healthcare to our expanding investment in mass incarceration.


Partnering with the most potent and compelling national and local activist organizations, the most relevant and talented visual, musical and performance artists, media partners and local and national elected officials, MANIFEST:JUSTICE will bring together the community for an inspiring and positive series of events, lectures, educational opportunities, organizer trainings and more in a unique environment designed to inspire and motivate change. About ALLRIOT: ALLRIOT is a UK-based graphic t-shirt brand with an activist heart. We design the coolest liberal t-shirts on both sides of the Atlantic. Bold claim, huh? Check them out and see for yourself.

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