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no war with ukraine anti putin blog post

It’s been over 22 years since Dear Leader Putin took office at the Kremlin and things have been on a slippery slope ever since. So, how did we arrive at this point? The fame and fortune gained by becoming a bread basket for the global oil and gas industry have led to relative comfort for the world’s biggest nation, but as far as a real United Russia is concerned? Forget it. It’s been a Mafia state ever since.

Fast forward about a decade, and the efforts made by protestors of this regime have been reignited under the bloodshed taking place in Ukraine. Our alleged Sisters in Kyiv once again bear the brutality of an imperialist war, this time under the pretence of helping ‘Russian-speaking people in the Donbass’. 

This is not a war of ‘responsibility to protect’. It’s one empire fighting to save its skin against another empire, in the West, and the people foot the bill with their lives, whether soldier or innocent bystander.

We’ll not forget our support for fearless, outspoken groups like Pussy Riot, who tread heavily in a nation of citizens walking on eggshells for the Duma, to open up Moscow to the world with peace, liberty, and love.

Now with a potential World War brewing westward, and more countries being dragged into the marsh, Putin and his stooges will use the unfolding nightmare of an impending nuclear winter to silence opposition at home. Pussy Riot’s prison sentence to rot in prison is only the beginning. Law after law will come to crack down on everyone that dares speak out against a war that could annihilate us all.

Allriot’s going back to its roots by bringing it back to basics, rolling up our ringspun sleeves, and getting back on our grind of revolution. Shit’s just got real, and it’s up to us to take real action against the fog of war before it consumes us all in darkness. Never forget that class wars precede all other wars.

We are not divided by nation as we all suffer under the yoke of the State, with even so-called ‘liberal democracies’ like the UK creating their own anti-protest bills to crush dissent. We need to act now before the inertia of nearsighted apathy suffocates our democracies under a decade of legislative rollbacks and regretful ‘what-ifs,’ brought on by a silent majority under the thumb of a well-oiled plutocratic regime.

We are divided solely by two camps: action and inaction. Tyranny always prefers the latter, so let’s get moving. Stand with Allriot. Our right to protest gave us life. Your right to protest will save your own.

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