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Hope you’re enjoying your latest dose of AllRiot! Our kickass progressive tees are more than just fashion statements or icebreakers… they’re weapons of mass attraction. All in the name of peace on earth.

Speaking of which, now that you’ve cozied up to your new “This Means Love” tee, we’ve got a little ‘task’ for you, if you’re brave enough (cue suspenseful music).

In light of Führer Trump’s disgraceful visa ban on seven Muslim countries, we’ve decided to try a little ‘social experiment’ in order to expose the reactions of people towards Muslims, in the US, UK and elsewhere. 

Your mission, should you accept, is to engage others by wearing it for a few days, especially in crowded places such as workplaces, malls, concerts, and throngs of bustling, open-mouthed gawkers, etc.

Try different methodologies. Lollygag. Hug your local Sheik. Flash mob (the more, the merrier). Most importantly, just be yourself, but stay safe. Record your observations using our template, either via a journal, blog, social media, video, or with an old-fashioned pen and paper. 

In return, you’ll get some kickass free stuff, vouchers, a spot on our social media, and yes, a full reimbursement on your tee! Visit for more information. Good luck and happy hunting!

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