Soviet Peace Propaganda

Cold War era soviet propaganda posters.

The Moscow Memorial Museum of Cosmonautics and the Shanghai Propaganda Art Gallery contain an open secret; a trove of Soviet artwork dedicated to peace and reconciliation. Not only did the devastating US bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki spark a global nuclear arms race, but the USSR fiercely opposed the escalation of tensions leading up to the Cold War with a fierce campaign of Soviet realism, expressing defiance towards Western imperialism and impending nuclear warfare. To celebrate our Soviet tee lineup, we’ve shared a few exemplary designs from the vaults of Communist history, just in time for the October Revolution centenary.

The simmering conflicts of the Cold War demanded the attention of activists with a sense of urgency never seen before in history. The Manhattan project’s ‘successes’ doomed humanity to new forms of warfare, from prolonged, 4th generational conflicts to outright nuclear disasters. To cull these hostilities, the Soviet Union ushered in a new wave of modern art tasked with de-escalating aggressions between superpowers by condemning the rise of atomic weaponry. In celebration of the October Revolution centenary, ALLRIOT revisits some of the lesser-known examples of Soviet Realist art which capture the zeitgeist of the proletarian struggle against ever-increasing US militarism.

anti nuclear war soviet poster

Translation: Nuclear conflict is irreversible.

anti space militarisation soviet poster

Translation: Say no to militarization of space

us imperialism is war soviet coldwar era poster

Translation: Imperialism is war

soviet space race propaganda poster

Translation: Let there be peace

anti war soviet poster art

Translation: War is suicide

clod war soviet poster
peace poster by soviet artist

Translation: For the sake of life on Earth

peace soviet political propaganda art

Translation: Peace (Mir)

breaking bomb soviet propaganda poster

Translation: Peace will win

no to nazis soviet political poster art

“Peace. Friendship. Solidarity.”
“No to fascism!”
(fine print on top: “1975 is the international year of the woman”)

vietnam war solidarity poster

Translation: We stand with you, Vietnam

no to nuclear power soviet political poster

Translation: The voice of the planet says no to nuclear madness

Stop the Militarization of Space!", USSR, 1980s

Translation: Stop the militarisation of space