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Monday, October 13th saw a rather compelling motion by Westminster to recognize Palestine as an independent, sovereign state. Although I was ecstatic about the gesture, it’s more of an emotional band-aid than a cogent solution to the ceaseless oppression of Palestine. According to a statement from MP George Galloway, he abstained from the vote because he is against Israel’s continued genocide and persecution of Gaza and the West Bank. Additionally, no one mentioned Israel as an occupying force; that it should retreat to the 1967 borders and give up the E1 settlements in the West Bank in order to even begin restitution. Did I mention that the vote was completely non-binding, and that Bitchy-fit Netanyahu gave his normal Zionist, sociopathic response to the poll? Westminster must also accept that Palestine will seek a tribunal in the International Criminal Court for war crimes, from the Nakba of 1947 to Operation Protective Edge, and the recent unprecedented land grab in the E1 region. That would take some serious prostate power to do so. Personally, I was rather proud of Westminster’s gesture, along with Sweden’s full solidarity with an independent Palestine , Spain’s arms embargo to Israel (didn’t know that the Spanish made weapons), and the massive global boycott of Israeli goods and businesses. However, I agree that the solution must be a one-state one, and for it to work, equal representation should occur in the Knesset in order to have a more inclusive society. Zionists will do everything they can to make sure that remains an aspiration. On another note, war is on the horizon between Tel Aviv and its Shi’a neighbors if it keeps with its rape game for much longer, and training ISIS combatants along with the US and Saudi Arabia is only giving them leeway to cause more regional instability with its’ Obi-Wan Wadhabi geopolitical force field. Furthermore, the UK and Israel have had record level trade in August of this year, despite global condemnation and criticism, which just shows the power of the purse over the polls. On the other hand, at least people, including like Phillip Hammond, are getting tired of Netanyahu’s SteadyStream of bullshit and have called him out several times in July, which is promising. However, for this vote to be genuine, the real proof lies in Parliament’s ability to turn off the tap of sponsorship for Israel.




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