DIY no sew t-shirt cutting tutorial by ALLRIOT.

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1. Try your t-shirt on and mark with the fabric marker or chalk where you want your shirt to fall once you cut it.

2.Lay the t-shirt on a flat surface. Match up the side seams.
Make sure you hold your scissors at a 90-degree angle as you start cutting. This will ensure a nice straight hemline along the front of the t-shirt.
Don’t worry about hemming it;, it is supposed to look a little grungy.

3. Cut off the sleeves along the armhole seams. Your t-shirt should now look like a muscle tank top. Discard the sleeves.

4. Lay the t-shirt on a flat surface. Breathe in. It’s time for some serious t-shirt surgery.
Make a 1 inch cut along the neckline, starting at the HSP (high shoulder point), towards the centre front, and then down towards the underarm seam. You can cut both sides at once so they are identical. Or, if the material is too thick to cut them both at once, you can cut one side, then fold it in half and use the cut side as a guide.


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