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This product is sweatshop-free and WRAP-certified.

We exercise meticulous attention to detail towards the fabric, fit and detailing of each and every Allriot t-shirt. Just one touch lets you know this isn’t some run of the mill shapeless tee.

While other t-shirt brands use less expensive carded cotton, we use semi-combed ringspun cotton. It makes a huge difference!
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  • Regular fit
  • Gender-neutral
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  • Women may want to order a size down for best fit


  • Jake is wearing size M. He is 5’11, chest size 39″.
  • Joana is wearing size S. She is 5’6″.

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— Est. 2012 —

Armed with nothing more than a homemade screen printing press, we began printing t-shirts in the summer of 2012.

Our ethos is simple: we believe that change is not only possible, it’s inevitable.

ALLRIOT t-shirts are a call to action. We’re here to remind you that our generation owns the future – we have the power, the skills and the mindset to create a better World, one with no gods, no masters, and no excuses.


“The struggle itself toward the heights is enough to fill a man’s heart. One must imagine Sisyphus happy.” ~ Albert Camus.


The phrase “fight for peace” perfectly embodies Albert Camus’ worldview of absurdism. It is undoubtedly an endless struggle for an ideal that is only enjoyed in death. However, the French- Algerian existentialist accepted these irreconcilable contradictions found within life and used it as the foundation for his own. Like fated Sisyphus, the revolutionary waits diligently for Peace at the edge of eternity and toils without end, with hope as the only fruit of his labour. As human beings, we strive to make sense of a senseless world. Our whole existence depends on it. Is Sisyphus truly happy, or is he content? Is the struggle even worth it? You have to decide for yourself.

Perhaps it’s our struggle between the desire for meaning and the absence of it in the world that gives us purpose? This melancholic charcoal Albert Camus t-shirt features large front print and is dedicated to his wit, wisdom, and memory–all that remains of his lifelong struggle.


Does the realisation of the absurd require relinquishment?
No. It requires revolution. Try that on for real change!

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