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People from around America have streamed into MO for another round of protests in this latest example of absurd racial injustice. Michael Brown and now, Vonderrit D. Myers have placed MO on the map, and are merely two characters in a theatre where the curtains never close.

My deepest concern for this is the lack of context that Blacks have given themselves in the greater political ecosystem that is America. I call upon them to show reasonable understanding of their current crisis before engaging in yet another skirmish between the overly equipped and poorly misguided forces of America’s police state.

I must be honest. Black people: you are seeds sown in a barren political wasteland. Your soil is poison, your climate is harsh, and your situation will never improve until you grow roots upon fertile ground. You are not in your natural habitat.

Firstly, the people that you protest against KNOW what they’re doing. It is their job, as Chairman Omali Yeshitela put it, to protect the interests of those who have against those who “ain’t got”. That is the purpose of police, without debate, in a capitalist society.

Secondly, don’t bullshit yourself with protests. Protests help, but they do not satisfy the requirements for change. Study political science and history instead so that your problems have a valid source.
If you want to know your place in America, you are what Joseph Stalin coined a “fifth-column”, and this is precisely how you are being treated in the US. If you don’t believe me, then read Theodore Roosevelt’s letter to Charles Davenport. You are a danger to the gene pool of the Anglo-American elite.

The 13th Amendment guarantees you nothing. Read it. Slavery operates through the courts now, and it comes as no surprise that people of color make up 60% of the prison population. Better yet, you have been the beta-testers of American slavery. What the elite have done to your society, they will spread to the entire middle class. COINTELPRO is going global under the NSA, CIA, and military industrial complex.
Political systems need to analyze data in order to successfully rule, and just as societies evolve for the better, fascism needs to evolve in order to remain relevant. America has been defined by the organization FEE as economically fascist. Did you know that a study by Northwestern and Princeton Universities declared America a fascist oligarchy? This is class warfare.

If you want change, you need to know yourself and your enemy. It is not the “white man” or the police. Both are instrumental in the objectives of the elite, who care for neither. Do not remain insular in your quest for freedom by searching for it in a bubble of protests and social media. Study successful resistance movements from around the world. Learn what freedom means in the eyes of Thomas Sankara, Mahatma Gandhi, Kwame Nkrumah, the Italian Partisans, and the Zapatistas.

You need history before you can realize solutions. Stop filming your suffering and asking for government to help you. Learn from the mistakes and successes of the Occupy Movement. Realize that you are at war, and prepare accordingly. Your mind is the only weapon you need.

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