Have you ever asked yourself what kind of statement your clothes make? Do they speak for you or over you? Corporations spend billions on marketing to pigeonhole self-expression into vague stereotypes. They brand us like cattle. 

The ultimate culture jam is changing your routine. Instead of being a voiceless billboard, how about changing into an idea; one that highlights a cause you truly believe in? That’s what ALLRIOT is all about. 



The fashion you wear reflects the culture in which you live, and is a salient reflection of a society’s most basic characteristics. If only in today’s postmodern world, the general public was aware of the power of branding and slogans, they would recognise these as the de facto method of social conditioning. The purpose of this is simply control. 

In order to brainwash consumers, corporations consult the Edward Bernay’s Bible and repetitively print propaganda that changes fashion into fascism. Fall into the GAP. Just Do It. Because you’re worth it. Repeat the lie over and over again until it becomes the truth. What they really want to say is: The person wearing this shirt is the sole property of [insert fashion designer’s name here], Inc.

The ultimate culture jam is changing your routine. Instead of becoming a voiceless billboard, how about changing into an idea; one that communicates a very powerful message or something you truly believe in? 

Passersby will take notice of this, for better or worse, and even on a small scale, this could change attitudes.

When you have the courage to wear an idea that supports a cause, others will join. Those that share your perspectives may strike conversation, ask you where you bought it, and by engaging the public, you inevitably influence them. So why continue buying that which perpetually misrepresents you and simultaneously, pours profits into companies that threaten to silence your inner dissent?

This is the sole purpose of ALLRIOT Clothing: To riot and rebel against consumerism-fueled apathy and suppression of ideas. Fundamentally changing our self-image can change the world, and through them, change lives. We deviate from the norm by producing on a local, sustainable, fair-trade level, with the highest quality materials available. No sweatshops. No exploitation. No BS and all brains. Your purchases also support local initiatives in the community used to take our credence even further. We wholeheartedly believe that every man and woman should be a voice, not an echo. It’s time to break with tradition. Reject them and you can accept an alternative. One day, that alternative will become the norm. 

Try that on for a real change.

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