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US Senator Bernie Sanders [D-VT] has been taking America by storm since entering the 2016 presidential race, but despite his rise to fame in the primaries, he carries a long and trailblazing history of championing causes on racial, gender, and income equality throughout his career, building a solid reputation as one of the most popular leftist leaders in modern US history.

Allriot’s collection of left-wing and liberal t-shirts feature numerous political slogans and groups leading the charge in class warfare. From familiar faces such as Karl Marx to Noam Chomsky, tp parties such as UK Labour and the Mexican Zapatistas, the political streetwear brand has picked the best to grace the lineup as examples to remind the public of those taking on the ruling elite.

Sanders’ campaign platform continues to stand apart from all other contenders in 2020 as he works tirelessly to address the most egregious issues faced in American society. From concerns over shaping a New Deal economy capable of taking on the climate crisis, to student loan debt, homelessness, rampant militarism and crony capitalism, even reinstating DACA laws to protect vulnerable migrants in the country, Bernie Sanders and his version of socialism has gained adamant support in America’s young and working class voters.

Margarita Goroskhevich, founder and owner of Allriot, said that Bernie Sanders seemed to be the most “solid and trustworthy” candidate in the 2020 primaries and that she hope he would one day “march right up to the White House for his first day of work” in January next year.

“[Bernie] Sanders is one of those candidates that breathes a breath of fresh air into the stale blue vs red politics, addressing real issues with socialist solutions. He may seem like the friendly, cuddly grandpa America never knew it needed, but in reality he’s a solid choice to lead the Democrats. After the madness of the Iowa caucuses and repeated sabotage from Hillary Clinton, I think that Democrats, as well as the American Left, need someone to lead them into a brighter future in politics. 

But despite his platform and history as a left-wing activist, Mr Sanders was “not perfect” and needed to watch out for further efforts to derail his campaign from Democrats deep within the system, such as Clinton and current challenger Elizabeth Warren [D-MA], who has since accused the Vermont frontrunner of calling her a “liar” on national television.

She concluded: “We’ve seen what can happen when the primaries reveal the ruthless character of candidates, as before with Clinton’s chicanery in 2016 and Warren’s rants against Sanders this year. Sanders may have a great platform, just as the UK’s Jeremy Corbyn did in December last year, but he will have to learn from past mistakes in the Left and guard against a second onslaught ahead of the results. We believe he can win, and we’re cheering him on.


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