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The Butcher of Baghdad, former Labour PM Tony blair, stands accused of war crimes after several bombshell confessions were released to the public. His decision has cost over 1 million Iraqis their lives, murdered over 200,000 Syrians, displaced 4 million more, and contributed to the rise of Islamic State.


  • The infamous Downing Street Memo (7/2002) revealed that Tony Blair willingly fudged facts regarding the War on Terror, which led Britain to invade Iraq on false information.
  • Downing Street’s 2002 September Dossier was also used to justify the invasion. It falsely stated that Iraq was acquiring uranium from Niger to build a nuclear weapon. Newspapers such as the Daily Mail, Star and The Sun were cheerleaders for the lies.
  • Then-Foreign Secretary Jack Straw assisted Blair in the procurement of bullshit for the UK’s casus belli.
  • The Invasion of Iraq has caused the deaths of approximately one million Iraqis, according to a Lancet report.
  • Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has openly called for Tony Blair’s arrest and trial in the International Criminal Court.
  • An official UK parliament petition has garnered almost 18,000 signatures. The UK government only needs 10,000 to initiate a response.
  • Iraq Body Count noted that June 2014 was the worst month for civilian casualties in Iraq, shortly after the anti-ISIS ‘initiative’, killing 2,534 people. 21,000 – 47,000 people died in 2014 alone.
  • The UK government’s Chilcot (Iraq) inquiry is the official investigation into Britain’s role in the invasion and is composed of a collection of hearings, evidences, and witness testimonies. The final report will be released in summer of 2016.
  • Former Secretary of State Colin Powell’s damning 2002 memo revealed that George “Dubya” Bush convinced Blair with spies, manipulation, and promises of hot, sultry political bromance to go along with the invasion.


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