Today, Noam Chomsky is famous for his activism and political criticism. He has supported libertarian socialism and has portrayed himself as an anarcho-syndicalist.
He is considered an American political rebel as his opinions strongly challenge the perceptions the American media and political organizations put forward.





  • Freedom of Speech

Chomsky has taken a firm position against censorship and has advocated for freedom of speech, even for opinions he criticizes personally.

  • Capitalism and Socialism

Chomsky criticizes the American state capitalist system and the dictatorial branches of socialism. He argues that the society ought to be well organized and founded on independent control of communities and work areas.

  • War on Drugs = Class Warfare

He strongly opposes the US war on drugs and emphasizes that it is just war on certain drugs, and it is means of class-race and social control.


  • Vietnam War

Chomsky has been a very prominent opponent of the Vietnam War. According to him, the objective of the US policy was the annihilation of the nationalist movements in the Vietnamese peasantry. Chomsky feels that even where war may be reasonable, good diplomacy can be used as a pre-emptive.

  • State Capitalism

Chomsky contends that the USA attempts to systematize the world according to the benefits of their establishment using financial and military means. Chomsky has highlighted that the general structure of the US foreign policy can be elucidated by the domestic control of the business interests of the US and its drive to protect the state capitalist system.


Chomsky’s legacy is as a leader in the linguistics field and a figure of inspiration and enlightenment for political dissidents.

He is one of the famous global figures of the left, particularly among university students and academics. He has many of supporters universally and an intense speaking schedule.

Noam Chomsky has criticized the mainstream media in the United States and accuses the state of sustaining dialogue constraints to advance the interests of the government and corporations. Often, he is reserved up to two years in advance and draws large crowds.

Chomsky’s views are regularly given coverage on open broadcasting networks globally.

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