As a well established independent t-shirt brand committed to sourcing the best quality ringspun cotton t-shirts, we often hear the following question from our customers: “Your t-shirts are perfect! How did you pull that off?” We thought it would be fun to shed some light on this matter and hopefully help you guys make more informed decisions when it comes to purchasing printed and plain t-shirts that not only look good, but also feel great.

Awesomeness Guaranteed


For many of us, the perfect cotton t-shirt is both essential and an afterthought. When we started printing our progressive political t-shirts seven years ago, we knew that we wanted to use the ultra crisp, best fitting t-shirts that you would find at posh boutiques and good quality t-shirt shops – but at a price within reach. It was a hell of a task: the fabric had to be 100% ringspun cotton, with a plush hand feel and smooth appearance, heavyweight without feeling heavy, ethically made and super comfortable to wear.

After months of research, a few mistakes and a van load of chocolate biscuits, we are proud to say that we finally came up with the best t-shirt ever!

The result is a unique t-shirt line that seeks to perfect the humble graphic tee using the best quality 100% cotton blank and focusing on superior design & fit. Our cotton t-shirts are handcrafted for durability to ensure they serve you well in your revolutionary endeavors.

We use only 100% ringspun cotton


We refuse to scrimp on quality, and we exercise meticulous attention to detail towards the fabric, fit and detailing of each and every Allriot t-shirt.  Just one touch lets you know this isn’t some run of the mill shapeless tee.

regular cotton


Regular cotton is a mixture of short, thick, low quality fibres. It is cheaper to produce and typically yields a lower quality yarn. Printing on regular (carded) cotton results in a grainy low definition print.

ringspun cotton - best quality t-shirts


The finer fibres are tightly twisted together, which results in a stronger, leaner, cable-like yarn. Ringspun yarns yield a smoother, more durable and lustrous fabric that’s a pleasure to print on. Result: perfect t-shirt!


5 reasons why our t-shirts rock!

You can’t beat a classic crew neck t-shirt for versatility and comfort, so we made it our go-to t-shirt style for both men and women. Our t-shirt store boasts a wide range of progressive graphics, all printed on our signature crew neck t-shirts, complete with clean lines, sturdy construction and gender-neutral fit.


Comfortable Tailored Fit


Contemporary, comfortable and easy to wear, we’re sure you’ll love the fit of our t-shirts. ALLRIOT t-shirts are created with the latest cuts to make for a comfortable, yet modern t-shirt that’s perfect for both men and women.

The t-shirts are slightly form fitting, but not fitted enough to really matter that much if you fit comfortably into your normal size. Our t-shirts will show off your chest and shoulders in just the right way.

Ladies, on the other hand, might want to order a size down for best fit, or check out our new womens plain tee multipacks.

If in doubt, just shoot us an email and we’ll get you squared away with an ethically made t-shirt that fits just right.


Tubular Construction

No, it’s not your OCD — twisted t-shirt seams are super annoying.


Most t-shirt fabrics are made on circular knit machines, which means that they are knitted in a spiral. It’s called tubular construction. Twisting happens when cotton t-shirts are cut off-grain, or when fabric quality is substandard. The knit, left to roam free in your washing machine, will remember its spiral nature and want to twist. This twisting effect is unavoidable, but some garments keep their shape better than others.

Resistance is futile!

Don’t waste your time trying to straighten out all the seams that seem to twist little by little, wash by wash. The solution? Choose good quality t-shirts and go seamless. Even if you get a tiny amount of twisting, it won’t be nearly as noticeable.

Bingo. Problem solved.


Tailored Sleeves

We kept the armholes fitted at the shoulder but never restrictive.


A slightly tailored shoulder ensures a better fit for both guys and gals.

Shoulder-to-shoulder taping makes our printed and plain t-shirts last longer than the current administration.

The sleeves won’t flare out; instead they hug your biceps in just the right way.

Sleeves are double stitched for lasting toughness.


Reinforced Neckline

Necklines are subtly reinforced and wide enough to ensure they retain their shape.


What could be better than a good quality crewneck t-shirt for year-round layering?

Allriot t-shirts look good on their own or under a shirt, and boast shoulder-to-shoulder taping for lasting toughness.

Comfortable fine 1×1 knit neck rib is lightly elasticated to retain its shape wash after wash.

Result: awesome quality t-shirts for both men and women.


Printed Care Label

There’s a special place in hell for t-shirt brands that use scratchy neck tags.


These annoying little buggers are enough to drive you mad. To make matters worse, most clothing labels are sewn directly into the seams during the assembly process, which makes it difficult for people to cut them off. The scissors-down-the-neck method is tricky — you may end up poking a hole in your cool new shirt.

If you manage to cut out the tag and live to tell the story, you may be left with an annoying remnant that is still pretty scratchy. Yanking at a label is not for the faint-hearted; the seam may start unravelling right before your eyes.

Fear not, guys and girls — we screen print the label information on the inside of our awesome t-shirts to keep you comfy. No scratchy tags, just a neat little print with a handy laundry guide.

See, we’re always looking out for you.


100% ringspun cotton.