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There is not a soul in the United Kingdom, let alone the long corridors of Whitehall, who believes the Prime Minister is not a pathological liar. Yet somehow the majority of the country is still planning to vote for him. At this point, some may be tempted to shrug, because, well, only a fool would trust a politician, so why would one expect BoJo to be telling the truth?

Yet his lying reveals a profound disdain for the electorate, as well as the institutions and laws that sustain Britain’s parliamentary ecosystem. Boris Johnson doesn’t recognise the imperative of truth because he doesn’t need to. He built his whole career on projecting an image of a charismatic (= harmless) buffoon and peddler of falsehood. He is already discredited in the eyes of people who had a low opinion of him already.

They are not his target market. The audience he appeals to is unfazed by the pangs of cognitive dissonance. They are willingly putting their fate in the hands of a liar simply because his lies serve their short-term interests. In a democracy, people get the leaders they deserve.

Brilliant artwork by @matthewtshaw


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