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If insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results, then casting a vote must be like Paul Bennett stuffing his package in the Royal Mail. Both are masturbation with a large metal box, and both are as productive as trying to fit a round peg in a rectangular hole.

It’s 2015, and for most of the developed world, people still haven’t learned. The ceremony of psychopath selection must go on. This year, people will choose to delegate their futures to gravediggers like David Cameron, the ruler of America’s 51st state, Ed “Rich Uncle Pennybags” Miliband, Nigel “You Kip ‘n Sip” Farage, and Nick Clegg… Britain’s favorite career nobody.

So, on May 7th, for this round of general elections, Parliament will provide complimentary K-Y jelly as you fit your bum over the ballot lever for the future of Britain. Be considerate of others and sanitize properly as we all screw ourselves in the great cavalcade of Democracy.

However, if you want real change, then ditch the ballot. Ignore the propaganda of establishment theatrics and vote “None of the Above”.

Vote “NO” because elections are a zero-sum game of political affiliations with little to show for it. By going to the polls, you will still vote for the same oligarchs that refuse to include you in any decision making processes such as budgets, transnational free trade agreements, laws, police reform, perpetual warfare, and other important choices. Use your hands for something more than auto-erotic anticipation. Make a fist or a middle finger. Draw a line in the sand and plant the seeds for a true grassroots movement.


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