Labour has just gotten a makeover, and Jeremy Corbyn is the new face of Britain’s social-democratic leadership. Beleaguered by the Iraq Inquiry, previous ‘New Labour’ leadership and ‘Third Way’ capitalism, Labour now rises to the challenge of Theresa May’s Tory monstrosity.

With snap elections just a couple of months away, Labour must communicate its intentions to the British public.

Here what the organisation hopes to accomplish:




  1. The work, the whole work, and nothing but the work – Use a National Investment Bank backed by 500 billion GBP to kickstart the economy and get Britain’s geniuses back to work.
  2. No one sleeps it rough – Everyone deserves a home. No one deserves to lose theirs to landlords. Put the brakes on predatory foreclosures and make homes affordable again.
  3. No BS Employment – No more zero-hour contracts or breaking up trade unions. Protect migrant workers in Britain and renegotiate Brexit to protect workers’ rights to EU standards.
  4. A Healthy NHS System – Prevention is the key to affordable healthcare, so keep it in the public sector. That includes mental and sexual health, as well as the disabled and elderly.
  5. No More Play-to-Play in School and Childcare – Start a National Education Service to give Britain’s rising stars a quality, free education… and beyond. No child should get left behind.
  6. We Agree with the Paris Climate Agreement – Our environment is fragile and we only get one. Use the National Investment Bank to initiate Britain’s Green economy to keep it.
  7. Put the ‘Public’ Back into Public Services – Keep grubby fat cats’ paws off of public services and infrastructure by putting it back into the peoples’ hands… social-democracy style.
  8. Tie-Up Loose Ends between the Rich and Poor – Make the super-rich pay their fair share by hunting down offshored wealth and using a progressive tax system to benefit everyone.
  9. Burn Bridges with Bigotry – End discriminatory practices against the LGBTQI community, minorities, the disabled, and disenfranchised. Don’t just make the UK fairer, make it human.
  10. No Money for War, just War on Want – Britain’s military will no longer ‘bomb first, have inquiries later’. Make diplomacy and cooperation the cornerstone of UK foreign policy.

Here’s the Top 5 “neighs” for Labour’s Policies:

  1. The UK has a funding shortage. It is already 15.2 billion in debt (89.4%), with forecasted net debt to top 139.4 billion (March 2017,
  2. Rounding up tax evaders will cause wealthy businessmen to seek citizenship elsewhere. No matter a hard or soft Brexit, losing the EU means losing out on capital (June 2016, Guardian)
  3. The NHS needs resources. Waiting times in A&E wards has hit historic highs in December and has missed its 95% discharge and release target by 8.8% (Feb. 2017, Telegraph)
  4. Britain may have to keep its’ Trident nuclear programme. Out of 4 options, more Brits voted to find a cheaper alternative (34%) instead of scrapping it (20%) (July 2013, YouGov)
  5. Whilst UK employment is at a 42-year high, so are inflation and freelance work. Without increasing productivity, wages and job security will suffer (April 2017, Guardian)

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