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Occupation of Palestine, Occupation of Water

israel forbids palestinians to collect rainwater

According to this UN report, Palestinians are forbidden from collecting rainwater for domestic or agricultural needs.

Water as a Weapon: Israel's Control and Palestinian Struggle

Access to water is a fundamental human right, but in Palestine, it has become a tool of control wielded by Israeli policies. The unequal distribution of water resources disproportionately affects Palestinian communities, favoring Israeli settlements. This imbalance perpetuates a crisis, leaving Palestinians with limited access to clean water for essential needs like drinking, agriculture, and sanitation.

The situation is dire, with Palestinians facing severe restrictions on water access, compounded by the prohibition of basic practices like rainwater collection. Among the various human rights violations in the region, the issue of water scarcity and denial of access remains a critical concern, perpetuating an ongoing crisis for Palestinians.

Israel’s control over water resources in the region is deeply entrenched, allowing for an unequal distribution that disproportionately affects Palestinians. The allocation of water resources favours Israeli settlements, leaving Palestinian communities with limited access to clean water for drinking, agriculture, and sanitation.


What? Palestinians are Forbidden from Collecting Rainwater?

One of the most egregious aspects of this crisis is the restriction on Palestinians from collecting rainwater. In many areas of the West Bank, Palestinian communities are not allowed to construct or maintain water collection systems, such as cisterns or tanks. This denial directly impacts their ability to mitigate water scarcity, especially in arid regions where rainfall is crucial for survival.

This Requires Further Investigation. Let's Dive In.

Furthermore, the discriminatory policies extend to the unequal distribution of water infrastructure. Israeli settlements have well-developed water networks, while Palestinian villages often lack adequate infrastructure, forcing them to rely on erratic and insufficient water supplies.

In the Jordan Valley and other areas, Israeli authorities demolish or confiscate water infrastructure built by Palestinians, claiming lack of permits. However, these permits are nearly impossible for Palestinians to obtain due to bureaucratic hurdles and discriminatory practices, effectively depriving them of basic water resources.

The consequences of such policies are devastating. Palestinian families face daily struggles to access clean water, leading to unsanitary living conditions, health issues, and impediments to agriculture and economic development. Children often bear the brunt of these hardships, with limited access to education and proper healthcare due to water-related problems.

Violation of Human Rights


The denial of basic access to water not only violates international human rights law but also exacerbates an already volatile situation, deepening the cycle of poverty and perpetuating an environment of despair and frustration.

Numerous international organisations and human rights advocates have condemned these practices as violations of human rights law, urging for immediate action to address the unequal distribution of water resources and ensure equitable access for all inhabitants of the region.

Addressing this crisis requires not just condemnation but also concerted efforts from the international community to hold accountable those responsible for these violations. A comprehensive solution must involve a commitment to respecting the human right to water for all individuals, regardless of their nationality or ethnicity.

The road to peace and stability in the region necessitates addressing the systemic injustices that deny basic human rights. Ensuring equal access to water for Palestinians is a crucial step towards fostering a more equitable and just society, laying the groundwork for a sustainable and peaceful future for all inhabitants of the region.

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