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Girl power’s breaking through at the start of a new decade, and we are leading the charge by smashing the glass windows confining the fashion industry. 

2019 was met with a wave of mass movements, in society and in politics, with #MeToo in its second and the ‘nasty woman’ wave in its third, the emergence of Swedish climate crusader, Greta Thunberg, as well as the rise of Finland’s youngest Prime Minister, Sanna Marin. 

Numerous campaigns, including Extinction Rebellion and Labour’s Momentum, were alight with femme energy coursing through the heart of their movements, and gender and intersectionalism became all the rage on both sides of the Atlantic on Pride Day last July.

Allriot’s feminist t-shirt collection draws inspiration from the history of womankind. Slogans such as “Vulva La Resistance!” and “Never Again” have become some of our most talked-about and popular designs as the global uproar on feminism cracks on.

Other tees were influenced by Black History month, celebrated in October in the UK and February in the US, and featured key figures like Angela Davis, Maya Angelou, and others.

We created these sees at the height of frantic changes happening all over the world. The last two years have been mental. In the States, Alabama and Georgia were rolling back reproductive rights with new legislation. Ireland was relaxing its own laws at the start of the year. Greta Thunberg was challenging the patriarchal systems responsible for climate change and strong women in the Labour party were taking on the Conservatives.

There was a whole hell of a lot going on at the time. New feminist designs aim to place the conversation front and centre in the public eye. 

There’s an assault on freedoms that everyday people enjoy, even take for granted. Clean air, press freedom, reproductive rights, history, race and class… all of its connected. Our new women’s reproductive rights t-shirt collection celebrates some amazing women and ideas they fought for.


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