Chains of Patriarchy Feminist T-shirt


Remember, girls, we have nothing to lose but our chains! 

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This product is sweatshop-free and WRAP-certified.

We exercise meticulous attention to detail towards the fabric, fit and detailing of each and every Allriot t-shirt. Just one touch lets you know this isn’t some run of the mill shapeless tee.

While other t-shirt brands use less expensive carded cotton, we use semi-combed ringspun cotton. It makes a huge difference!
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  • Amber Joy is wearing size S. She is 5’5, chest size 36″.
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Armed with nothing more than a homemade screen printing press, we began printing t-shirts in the summer of 2012.

Our ethos is simple: we believe that change is not only possible, it’s inevitable.

ALLRIOT t-shirts are a call to action. We’re here to remind you that our generation owns the future – we have the power, the skills and the mindset to create a better World, one with no gods, no masters, and no excuses.


Men are tough, but women are hardcore. Women have been the center of attention since conception. Only one out of nine centenarians is a man. Women stepped in to win wars, and can set nations at war with their allure. Don’t shove your misogynistic ways on us, or we’ll move to Iceland and laugh as civilization collapses.

Anti patriarchy pro choice t-shirt features outline of woman handcuffed in Mars symbols, expressing the oppression of women under the current patriarchal world order. Remember, ladies, you have nothing to lose but your chains! In the game of life, we are just a chromosome away from total enslavement. Fight back!

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Before slapping on a feminist t-shirt, think of the consequences. Are you prepared for the stares? The cheeky high-fives from complete strangers? The winks and nods from closet revolutionaries at your local coffee shop? You should be. We can only do so much to protect your street cred, so here’s  a handy cheat sheet to get you started.

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Patriarchy is a social system in which power is primarily held by adult men. Adult males predominate in roles of political leadership, moral authority, social privilege and control of property. The female alternative is matriarchy.

  • Anthropological evidence suggests that most prehistoric hunter-gatherer societies were relatively egalitarian, and that patriarchal social structures developed much later, long after technological developments such as agriculture and domestication.
  • The works of Aristotle (Greek philosopher, 384–322 BC) portrayed women as morally, intellectually, and physically inferior to men and saw male domination of women as natural and virtuous.
  • The concept of fatherhood took root around 6000 years ago. Up until then it was believed that women reproduce on their own and that intercourse has nothing to do with reproduction.
  • The feminist movement is usually categorized into three waves. The First Wave begins with the suffragette movement and the struggle for extending the right to vote to women in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. The Second Wave spans the mid 1960s through the late 1970s, with debates about abortion and equal pay. The Third Wave began in the early 1990s and is associated with the emergence of alternative feminisms, such as queer and non-white feminism.
  • In the US, women make up 51% of the population, but only 17% of the US Congress.
  • Globally, about 1 in 3 women will be beaten or raped in her lifetime.
  • In the US, women earn 78 cents for every dollar a man makes. It’s not any better at the top. America’s top female CEOs earn, on average, 33 cents for every dollar earned by a male CEO.
  • In the UK, approximately 70% of people in national minimum wage jobs are women. It is estimated that the UK would gain up to £23 billion (the equivalent to 2% of GDP) by better harnessing women’s skills in employment.
  • Over 130 million women in the world have undergone female genital mutilation. This is when girls have either part or all of the clitoris and inner and outer labia cut off, without anesthesia. Often, they have a part of their vagina sewn up as well.
  • In 10 countries, women are legally bound to obey their husbands. Only 76 countries have legislation that directly targets domestic violence; just 57 of them include sexual abuse.
  • Mothers of newborns are guaranteed paid leave in 188 countries. Only 9 countries do not: Marshall Islands, Micronesia, Nauru, Niue, Palau, Papua New Guinea, Surinam, Tonga, and the United States.


Surrounded on all sides by patriarchy? Escape the sausage fest and take back your rights!

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