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LGBT rights share a place in history amongst many other enduring battles. As sexual roles evolve over time–amongst all orientations–more and more, LGBT people face the challenge of achieving societal inclusion.

LGBT proponents have remained vigilant while fighting against several prominent fronts, and the debate that has erupted across the modern world is a direct result of the LGBT community working in tandem with international rights groups to advance and protect their civil liberties.

There are political, cultural, and health-related objectives for same-sex proponents related to partnership/ marriage, STI prevention, assisted reproduction, domestic/ relationship violence, and social justice; campaigners have experienced progress and setbacks simultaneously, yet continue to persevere against these challenges. Members of GLAD, the ACLU, HRW, the Southern Poverty Law Center, and Amnesty International, along with countless others work side-by-side with individuals and groups to place pressure on oppressive governments that refuse to recognise the evolving definitions of sexuality.

Legislatively, the world stands divided. For example, the Leadership Conference confers that US President Barack Obama forcibly introduced executive orders in response to Congress’s suppression of the Employment Non-Discrimination Act. The ACLU has also challenged the OFCCP’s compliance with equal-opportunity employment, and GLAD, alongside other organisations, issued reports concerning the rights of HIV-infected persons, including their right to access housing, school, accommodation, and healthcare.

Members of Congress passed two bills (HJ Res 43 and 44) that would fire or harshly reprimand LGBT members for going to reproductive clinics, as well as block the Human Rights Amendment Act’s protection of access to fair employment. Regarding privacy and fair treatment, the ACLU also addressed concerns of police surveillance in the LGBT community, citing that 22% of transgender persons in America received unfair, harsh treatment from authorities. Although Europe remains more progressive in LGBT rights, the European Court of Justice ruled in favor of France’s ban on male homosexuals (MSM) blood donations, citing disease prevalence per country as the deciding factor in the case.

Nevertheless, we at ALLRIOT have plenty to celebrate as the world recognises the rights of same-sex couples, and we stand with the world as they do the same. Every May 17th, the IDAHOT organisation observes the International Day against Homophobia and Transphobia, observed in 11 countries, to promote awareness on pressing LGBT issues. Meanwhile, the  International Family Equality Day kicks off every May 3rd to celebrate the diverse arboretum of family trees in 18 countries. Mariela Castro, Raul Castro’s daughter, gave Cuba’s LGBT community enthusiastic support on May 9th, as same-sex couples joined a massive parade in Havana, where 20 couples were blessed by local clergy and lovers exchanged vows. Furthemore, the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force produced the world’s most extensive survey–218 pages of data on LGBT discrimination worldwide, crushing popular narratives.


We know that the fight is long and difficult, but our campaign shows the world that it’s worth it, and we won’t stop until, from the law books to the education books and the family scrapbooks, people accept that “love is for everyone”.

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