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Contradictory Political Ideologies (Expect a Bit of a Mindf*ck)

silly radical political ideologies

Ah, the political mosaic continues to dazzle with more unexpected hues! Let’s extend our tour of the political Hall of Curiosities to explore a few more eccentric ideologies that test the boundaries of coherence and reason.

Try not to laugh. These political paradoxes might sound like a comedy sketch, but they highlight the intricate tapestry of human thought, which, I think you would agree, is a gift. In the kaleidoscope of ideologies, contradictions sometimes emerge as peculiar cocktails of beliefs, challenging our understanding of the political spectrum.

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The Wacky and the Wackier


Yes, you read that right. Anarcho-Monarchism is the ultimate political oxymoron—a fusion of absolute rule by a king or queen within a stateless society. Imagine a kingdom without borders, where the crown reigns supreme but also doesn’t exist. Confused? So are we.

Communist Capitalism

It’s the “capitalist revolution” or the “communist marketplace.” Call it what you will, but this hybrid blends the collectivist ideals of communism with the free-market frenzy of capitalism. Picture Marx and Adam Smith sipping tea together while debating the merits of state-controlled means of production and free enterprise.

Fascist Pacifism

This one’s a head-scratcher—a political ideology that advocates for a strong, centralised authority while promoting peace and non-violence. We have no words.


Imagine a world where technological innovation collides with medieval social structures. Techno-Feudalism envisages a society where digital lords reign over data fiefdoms, controlling information highways while maintaining feudal hierarchies. To be honest, this sounds strangely familiar. It’s like we’re already living it. Mind blown.


Imagine a return to the roots—quite literally. Anarcho-Primitivism advocates for a society reverting to pre-civilisation lifestyles, rejecting technology, industrialisation, and complex social structures. Sounds nice until you realise that most people would probably perish in the process. It’s a desire to dismantle modernity and rediscover an idyllic, hunter-gatherer existence in the 21st century. Back to the cave we go?


Enter the mystical and bizarre realm where occultism meets authoritarianism. Esoteric-Fascism marries fascist beliefs with esoteric or occult practices, conjuring up images of dark, secret societies melding with totalitarian ideologies. Every esoteric fascist is a little bit different because everyone’s religious beliefs are a little bit different, but it’s important to remember they most likely think that Hitler was the second coming of Christ. 


This oddity combines the fervour of nationalism with the socialist ethos, advocating for a bizarre fusion of far-left economic policies and far-right nationalist sentiments. It’s a head-spinning blend that seeks to bridge the gap between opposing ends of the political spectrum by embracing a peculiar synthesis of contradictory ideologies.

While these oddities might seem far-fetched, dangerous or even downright nonsensical, they remind us of the boundless capacity of human imagination and the ever-evolving nature of political discourse. One could also argue that decades of cuts to the education sector have something to do with it. Either way, in this whirlwind tour of the wacky and contradictory, let’s at least try to understand the quirkiness of political ideologies, for in their strangeness lies the richness of human contemplation and the potential for innovative ways to navigate the complex labyrinth of governance.

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