Kickass political t-shirts



“Political Tees, you say? Why on Earth would someone be interested in such gobbledygook?”
Those that don’t dream, scoff. We’ve heard them say everything from, “Back in MY day, we
didn’t have political Tees… We just reloaded our muskets,” to the redundant “Go get haircut and
a job, hippie!”
Well, guess what, geezer? We’re not always able to shoot from the hip for freedom like our
predecessors, and we’re all outta fucking jobs (and haircuts). The revolution intensifies by the
day; which wanes in the wake of sharpening class contradictions.
So, rather than cooking up excuses and caveats, we at AllRiot believe in serving up slogans,
tees and teamwork. It’s better to let the world know where you stand by standing out, not down.
We do this through art, poetry, and activism; precisely why we make our products. By combining
the best of these, we make it our mission to motivate others to pursue their own.
Whether you’re an Einstein or a Marx, an infoholic, gender buff, or ecophile, we want you to put
it on display. We want yesteryear’s fighters and their words to live on through future
generations, one thread at a time. No excuses. Just kickass tees.

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