Lookbook 2018 – Mija

New Collection 2018

It becomes painfully apparent with each passing day that the world has divided itself into two camps. The first and largest group is that of complete surrender to ignorance. You may not know them by name, but by their confident detachment from anything outside of their immediate realities. These are the collective of Zero F*cks Given, and their numbers swell by the day.

Then, there’s the second camp: ours. We Give a F*ck and we can’t help it. We dare to demand a world where humanity, and all it represents, is superior to a synthetic, empty technocracy.

Our latest drop takes a step back from reactionary activism and examines the value of ThoughtCrime and self-determination in today’s anaesthetized world. It’s a call to flip the bird to manufactured media shitstorms and think bigger.

white house psycho ward prisoner t-shirt
white house psycho ward t-shirt
albert camus t-shirt rebellion quote
albert camus t-shirt allriot
smash the cis-tem t-shirt
fuck the cistem t-shirt
in the beginning man created god
in the beginning man created god t-shirt
if i don't know you, it's easy to hate you t-shrt
tara brach israel palestine t-shirt
give a fuck t-shirt
give a fuck t-shirt
god is gay t-shirt
god is gay t-shirt
peace symbol t-shirt
peace t-shirt