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As you go to the polls, consider the following… Would you put a cross in the None of the Above box? Rather than grudgingly going along with the politricks of technocrats, many of whom are unelected anyway, why not instead opt-out of the whole bread and circuses show that is corporate oligarchy? The need for NOTA is undeniable and salient. Since 1979, Europe’s voter turnout has been hemorrhaging. People across Western Europe have been showing up in historically low numbers, and think tanks such as Open Europe have evidenced that voter participation has plummeted from 62 pc to 42.54 pc in a little less than 35 years. It is so because of the disconnect between people and politics. Corporate interests groom and ween each candidate into positions, and hidden agendas are behind every choice they administer. Whether through the Committee on Public Debates or the Electoral Commission, our options are forced into compliance between Labour and Tory, Republican and Democrat; two sides of the same coin used to decide our fate. We must vote NOTA to denounce the saboteurs of Western democracy. They cannot mistake our silence for apathy anymore. Bureaucrats refuse to include the “None of the Above” option because it will validate the nation’s lack of popular consent to every political clusterfuck they have orchestrated behind closed doors. Contact the Electoral Commission and tell them to print NOTA using your own tax dollars. If they refuse to print it, then write it yourself. Research the NOTA UK party, VOTE NONE, Democratic Audit, and others to sign their petitions. Repeat this EVERY election. Make sure that NOTA is on every ballot to express the miserable failures of the elite and every 4-5 years, fill their offices with cards of good tidings as a reminder.

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